The featured image of the blog post is by NettPix from Pixabay

And now, there is more time to sit at your desk and do “nerdy” things, such as soldering and coding.

I started out, soldering together a Christmas tree kit that I bought in 2017 on AliExpress (at the time when no customs had to be paid). In any case, here is the result.

I hope you get a cozy feeling from watching the video. But there are, of course, greater challenges that await us this season. First, I have to repair a few of my electronic geocaches. Second, I am working on a new geocache that is voice-controlled. Third, I have a 3D printer kit still waiting to be assembled (a Prusa i3 MK3). And, finally, I bought an FPGA board in order to explore the possibility of compiling the heuristic estimation as used in automated planning into hardware. In other words, there are quite a few projects on the table, and I also plan to continue the blog series on debugging. So, let’s see, how far we get this winter.

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